Bridge Monitoring Equipment

Cracks, corrosion, and structural fatigue can ultimately lead to a bridge being unsafe for motorists and pedestrians to use. Bridge monitoring sensors actively perform assessments and provide results to a bridge owner and operator.

Inspection Processes

Physically assessing a bridge often requires that a structure is temporarily shut down. It may not always be feasible to perform inspections on demand. Due to the inconvenience that this can cause, plus the planning involved with shutting down a bridge, many owners and operators have switched their inspection process to one that involves using a monitoring system. 

A digital or analog device is one that connects directly to a bridge. A monitoring device will not impede traffic or affect the manner in which a bridge is used. A monitor will constantly assess the bridge, recording any inconsistencies in the number of vibrations or force that it incurs.

As information is collected, it will be dispatched to the person who is in charge of overseeing the health of the bridge. If a problem arises that requires attention, the person who receives the test results can set up a time to further inspect the bridge and make the necessary repairs. 

Increased Workloads And Their Affect On Bridges

Increased workloads can contribute to the failure of bridge materials. More motorists are on the roads than in recent years. This can lead to a bridge being used much more often than usual. Special occasions, including holidays, are when it is most critical to assess the health of a bridge. Bridges that have been used for many decades may contain infrastructure materials that will eventually need to be swapped out for newer, more advanced materials.

A bridge reconstruction project is a major job to undertake. The use of a sensor system will help a bridge owner and operator determine the best time to perform upgrades. A sensor will rely upon the use of an application. The application will allow an end user to collect data that was detected by the sensor. Many software programs use charts to display the readings that the sensors recorded.

A sensor setup will first require that a bridge is fitted with monitoring equipment. Next, the software program will need to be accessed. An end user can pull the monitoring application up on any internet-connected device. Details about the bridge will need to be recorded at the onset of using the sensor equipment. Once this is performed, the sensor will automatically track the health of the bridge.

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