Tips When Having An Abandoned Well Plugged

When a well is no longer viable, it becomes abandoned. There is a special plugging process that is required to effectively deal with these wells so that they're not a future risk. Here are some plugging protocols that are important to remember.

Find Out the Well's Depth

Before you can plug abandoned wells on properties and work sites, you first have to find out the well's depth. Then you'll have more understanding of where its components are located, making it easier to follow the recommended plugging protocols.

If there are in-depth reports on the abandoned well, you won't have to do much to find out its depth. It should be stated somewhere in these documents. If there isn't a lot of documentation, you may need to work with a well company to make accurate depth measurements and assessments.

Disinfect the Well

Before you can properly seal a well that is abandoned, it's a good idea to disinfect it first. Then there won't be the probability of contamination in the future. That's key if you're responsible for abandoned wells around a particular area of land.

You need to use the appropriate disinfecting materials that have proven to be effective for contamination prevention. Strong bleach cleaning products are often used before an abandoned well is eventually plugged up. Just make sure you apply the right amount so that your disinfectant efforts make a difference in keeping an abandoned well safe for the surrounding area.

Make Sure the Surrounding Area Is Restored

In order to get to an abandoned well in the first place, the ground around it has to be manipulated. You want to restore it after the plugging process is complete because then you won't have as many hazards. 

If there is ever someone near the abandoned well, the ground won't sink in and cause them to get injured. You'll also be able to ensure the abandoned well can't be tampered with easily after you have successfully plugged it. You may need to work with a company that provides access to heavy-duty excavators to move the ground back in place.

When you have abandoned wells on your property, plugging is the best solution to keep these systems safe around a particular area of land. You'll have a smooth plugging process to enjoy all the way through if you just follow simple rules and use your best judgement. Contact a company like Calgem Well Abandonment to learn more.

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