Common Myths About Plastics Injection Molding In Mexico

From small seals in automotive parts to silicone layers inside shoes, products created from plastic injection processes are not hard to find. If you are in the business of manufacturing a consumer product, there is a high likelihood that you will need to find a good plastic injection molding company that can supply you with the molded plastic parts you need. Plastic injection in Mexico is actually a well-established industry, but certain myths may get in the way of you seeking services from these companies. 

Myth: Plastics injection in Mexico does not yield quality products. 

Numerous large-scale manufacturers rely on plastics injections molding companies in Mexico to obtain the quality plastic and rubber pieces they need to create their products. Some of the longest-established injection molding companies are based in Mexico, so finding quality products made in the country is not only common, it is pretty much the norm. In addition, the majority of Mexico-based companies offer the same stringent quality control methods and dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Myth: Most places in Mexico don't offer a diverse lineup of molded products. 

Whether you are needing silicone molding, custom-molded rubber parts, stamp printing, or plastic welding, you can most likely find the type of plastic parts you need by working with a Mexico-based plastics injection molding company. The majority of these service providers have just as much equipment and just as many capabilities as any other domestic facility. Therefore, you should have no issues getting the parts that you need even if you are not working with a domestic provider. 

Myth: Language barriers may be an issue with plastic injection services in other countries. 

When you work with a company in Mexico that offers plastics injection molding, do not be surprised if you work with a representative that speaks perfect English. Many of these companies are even established by domestic professionals who set up operations across the border because operational costs can be lower. Therefore, you should not run into issues with language barriers. 

Myth: The costs associated with shipping make international plastics molding services illogical. 

Contrary to popular myths, the costs associated with shipping to and from Mexico is not all that different than the costs for shipping to various parts of the country domestically. Beyond that fact, you can often find cost savings because production costs can be lower in Mexico, which means any excess shipping cost is made up for in what you save for overall purchase costs. 

For more information about ordering plastics injection molding in Mexico, contact a local professional.

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