Advantages Of Copper Press Fittings Over Soldering

When you need to join pipes together, you're faced with two basic options. A traditional choice is to solder them together, but you can also join the pipes with a copper press fitting. Compared to soldering, copper press fittings have several advantages. 

Simple and Quick

First, copper press fittings are simple and quick to install. While an experienced solderer can join two soldered pipes together with relative speed, even an experience solderer can't compete with the speed that copper press fittings offer. These fittings take seconds to prepare and a few additional seconds to press, and then they're fully installed.

While the time saved on any one fitting might be only a short time, the cumulative amount of time saved adds up as employees perform numerous pipe fittings. Even a few moments multiplied over a workday, workweek or full year add up to a lot less labor that has to be paid.

Eliminate Fire

Second, copper press fittings don't need to be joined together with a hot flame. This provides a safer working process than soldering, which requires a gaseous flame, does.

With copper press fittings, businesses don't have to worry about gas cylinders exploding or flames causing fires. Even though these are uncommon incidents, they are risks that can lead to major liability lawsuits and workers' compensation claims. Should such an accident happen during soldering, the results can devastate a business permanently.

Compatible with Water

Third, copper press fittings can be installed even when pipes are wet. Although pipes generally should be drained before working on them, it's not necessary to remove every droplet of water from the pipes like you have to when soldering pipes together.

Not having to completely dry pipes further saves time and reduces labor costs, because employees have one less step they must perform.  Additionally, the fitting won't leak if an employee does make a mistake and leaves a drop of water at the site of the fitting. With soldering, such a mistake can lead to a leak that causes damage and leads to high repair costs.

Reduce Tools

Finally, copper press fittings can be secured with just a single tool and the press fitting. In contrast, soldering requires a gas supply, soldering tools, and protective equipment. These are all added supplies that employees must spend time moving and that businesses must spend purchasing. Having only a single tool saves both time and money.

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