3 Major Differences Between Buying and Using Propane in a Residential Environment Vs. an Industrial One

Propane gas is used in a number of households, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. You might have purchased and used propane for residential purposes in the past, but you might not know much about using it for industrial purposes. There are some similarities between using propane for industrial purposes and using it in a residential environment, but there are a lot of differences too. These are three of the major differences that you should be prepared for.

1. You'll Probably Need a Much Larger Tank

Propane tanks come in all different sizes, and you can typically purchase or lease them from the propane company that you will be purchasing your propane from. Even the largest of propane tanks that are used for residential purposes are typically much smaller than what is needed in an industrial environment.

If your industrial business does not already have propane tanks, then you may want to talk to your propane company about your options. You will need to make sure that your tanks are large enough to hold enough propane to power your equipment without the need for constant refills. Some industrial businesses also choose to purchase multiple propane tanks. This can be helpful if you have a large facility and need to set up tanks in different areas of the property. Having more than one propane tank can also provide you with a back-up in case something goes wrong with one of your tanks.

2. You Might Qualify for Cheaper Pricing

The average industrial business that purchases propane will typically purchase much more than an average homeowner would. This means that it is possible to qualify for bulk pricing. If you are hoping to get the best possible price on propane, it's smart to work with a propane delivery service that specifically works with industrial businesses like yours. They will probably be more likely to accommodate your business, and they might provide you with a bulk discount if you buy a certain amount of propane at one time.

3. You May Be Held to Higher Safety Standards

In general, propane can be used safely in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. However, there are various safety precautions that have to be taken when you choose to use propane for any purpose. Be aware that the safety standards for use in an industrial environment might be higher than in a residential environment, so look into laws and guidelines in your area. Then, you can find out about things like how regularly your propane equipment should be inspected and how many carbon monoxide detectors you should have in the facility. This will help you keep everyone safe and will help you avoid fines and legal issues.

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