3 Steps For Successful Aluminum Brazing

Brazing is a popular option when it comes to making minor repairs to aluminum components. The brazing process is relatively straightforward and can be completed without the need for specialized equipment.

A few simple steps must be followed if you want to ensure the success of your aluminum brazing when making vital repairs in the future.

1. Clean the Surface Thoroughly

Quality aluminum brazing starts with a clean surface. Wipe down the surface of your aluminum to remove any dirt or debris particles that might interfere with the integrity of the brazing process.

Once the area looks clean, you should use a powerful degreasing solvent to get rid of any chemical residue that could limit proper adhesion between the aluminum rod and the surface you will be brazing.

The more time you spend making sure your surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, the longer your brazing will last.

2. Use the Right Flux Material

The flux material that you use needs to be rated for the temperature that will be reached during brazing. Using the wrong flux will prevent brazing from occurring, leaving you with wasted materials and a damaged surface that hasn't been repaired.

An all-purpose flux can be a great option since this type of flux covers a wide range of temperatures. You can also choose to utilize a flux-coated rod during brazing so that you don't have to worry about matching the flux material with the rod material.

The manufacturer will coat the rod with the right flux, making it easy to complete a successful repair using the aluminum brazing process.

3. Generate Enough Heat

In order for aluminum brazing to last, you will need to heat the filler rod to the right temperature. If you don't have a lot of experience working with heated metals, it can be difficult to determine when the surface and rod are hot enough.

A good rule of thumb to use is to watch for an orange bloom to appear in the metal. When metal gets very hot, it will begin to glow a bright orange color. Watch for this color to appear so you will know when you can move your propane or acetylene torch away from the melted rod material.

Aluminum brazing isn't a difficult process to complete, but there are some important elements you need to get right if you want your repairs to last. Work with a brazing consultant to help you identify the right rod, flux, and temperature to achieve your desired brazing results.

To learn more, contact an aluminum brazing consultant.

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