3 Essential Cooling Tower Products

Cooling towers are a vital tool used in many industries to dispose of, or reject, unwanted heat. Though cooling towers work on the fairly straightforward principle of evaporation, they are complicated devices that require a fair number of parts working in concert with each other to accomplish the end goal. If your business has an older cooling tower that may need to be repaired or is looking at installing a new cooling tower, take a look below at three essential products you'll need to consider. 

Epoxy Coating

The high temperatures and constant moisture in a cooling tower are basically a recipe for corrosion, including rust and even major leakage. Fortunately, a solid coat of epoxy can prevent further corrosion (or better yet, stop it from happening in the first place) at a fraction of the cost you might have to pay to replace the cooling tower altogether. You can also have peace of mind knowing that epoxy also possesses excellent chemical resistance, so it is guaranteed to last a long time.


It may sound strange to talk about 'fill' as a thing inside a cooling tower, rather than an action, but fill is actually one of the most important aspects of any working tower. Usually made of corrugated polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, fill is used in the interior of a given tower in order to increase the surface area. Though it sounds basic, an enlarged surface area has one major benefit: it allows for much more contact between the air and water, which in turn increases the amount of evaporation. Without a substantial number of quality fill, a cooling tower will be ineffective at best. 

Drift Eliminators

While evaporation is paramount to heat rejection in a cooling tower, businesses know that allowing water to escape with the hot air would mean a huge amount of wasted water over time. In order to curb this waste, cooling towers include drift eliminators, which basically help to trap water that would otherwise leave the tower. They do this by forcing larger water droplets to move more slowly and in different directions, meaning that they eventually return to the cooling tower. Over time, drift eliminators save huge amounts of water, so much so that good ones can limit drift (i.e., water droplets that do escape the tower) to thousandths of a percent of the overall water volume. Investing in a quality drift eliminator is one of the best things you can do to improve a cooling tower's efficiency.  

For more information, contact suppliers of cooling tower products.

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